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Life insurance is important to your family.

Getting the best life insurance can be frustrating at times, especially if you've never looked before.

Hello there.  My name is Jimmy McMillan and I understand

Our mission is to “cut through the clutter” and provide you with:

  • The most reliable information on your FEGLI benefits and alternatives

  • No-obligation estimates from 'A' rated companies

  • Accurate underwriting expectations (even if you have health conditions)

  • A hassle-free process with expert advice along the way

  • Compassion, caring and understanding should your loved ones ever need us.

We have a passion for serving federal employees and getting the best life insurance possible.

I am passionate about this mission, because I have family on both sides who worked with the federal government. Personally, at the death of my grandfather life insurance took on a new meaning.

I am passionate about this mission, because I have family on both sides who worked with the federal government. Personally, at the death of my grandfather life insurance took on a new meaning.

We were heartbroken and devastated; however, because he had life insurance, my grandmother was able to stay in the family home and did not have to move.

The grief was unbelievable, yet any financial burden was taken care of because of life insurance. By planning ahead he was able to provide for his family long after he was gone, and he kept his legacy intact.

Life insurance was powerful for my family, and it can be powerful for you too.

How about you and your family?  What would their lives look like tomorrow if you died today? What do you want your legacy to be?

Maybe you have recently heard co-workers talking about how expensive FEGLI is getting. Or maybe you want to know what your options are in retirement if you still need life insurance coverage.

We hear you.

We make the life insurance process a stress- and worry-free experience.  You don’t have to waste time visiting with a pushy agent, we handle everything over the phone and online.

We keep you informed every step of the way, and with life insurance protection in place for your loved ones you can live your life in the best way possible.

We are a company you can trust.

We are an independent life insurance brokerage.  What that means is that we work for you, not the insurance companies and not the government.  We are not bound to just one company, we have the freedom to advise based on your needs and your needs alone.

Your state’s insurance commissioner has already done background and credit checks on every licensed agent at our company.  This is further supplemented with criminal and credit checks at every life insurance company we represent.

By law, our communication has to remain private and professional.  And when you combine our underwriting partners’ experience, we have hundreds of years worth of knowledge to put to work for you.

With unbiased reviews and dedication to the best value in life insurance, we help federal employees just like you get better coverage than FEGLI can provide.

Best of all?  Our consultations are complimentary for our clients, the advice is free whether you use our company or not.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will do our best to make you happy. We understand your health conditions and have success underwriting cases just like yours.  By asking the right questions up front, and getting to know your needs and goals, we secure the perfect life insurance coverage for our clients almost every single time.

However, if we fail to meet your expectations, upon delivery of your policy we have a 100%, no questions, no hassles money back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose.

Meet the Team

We live on the northeast coast of Florida, and if you want to get a taste for “Old Florida”, I suggest you plan a visit.

When I’m not helping families like yours, I like to BBQ, tell a great joke, and scare the fish both inshore and offshore.

Together with my family we enjoy watching the waves roll by, playing with our kids and dogs, and getting outside whenever we can.

Causes we are passionate about include helping our local school district and supporting our local Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.

Would you like to know anything else? There are many ways you can reach out and interact with our team.

We aim to serve and can’t wait to help you protect your family.

Get the process started today by requesting your free benefits review here.

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